Consileon Business Case


What if you could explore the success of your new business today?

Decision makers can now rely on a simple and standardized tool, to evaluate the monetary benefit of an investment opportunity


Enter Master Data

Define your project, venture, or investment opportunity, and link it to key financial parameters to be applied to your Business Case (e.g. the corporate tax rate)

Enter Business Data

Enter your yearly cash inflow and cash spending for pre-defined categories. Receive immediately the calculated impact on your yearly Net operating profit after tax

Generate Report

Create a report for your stakeholders, which evaluates your investment based on two KPIs: Net Present Value and Payback Period


About Business Case Calculator

A Business Case describes the advantages and disadvantages of a business venture versus doing nothing. The people working on a Business Case aim to get the decision of stakeholders, to pursue the venture or not. Our tool aims to support effective decision making for the monetary aspects of a Business Case, by applying a simple standard with two Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Net Present Value and Payback Period

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